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What is Bard AI?

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Introduction Of Bard Ai

British company DataSparQ has developed the A.I Bar, which has been on trial in London’s 5cc Harrild & Sons bar.

The A.I Bar uses facial recognition to put punters in an “intelligent queue”, designed to eliminate queue jumping and help speed up serving times. The technology can also speed up ID checks.

According to DataSparQ, the technology is powered by machine learning and works by displaying a live video of everyone queuing at the bar on a public screen above it. Each person in the queue will have a number appear above their head that represents where they are in the queue.

On the right-hand side of the live video feed, there is a column with each customer’s face, along with their estimated wait time. If the technology considers them to look younger than 25, there will also be a note to tell them to get their ID ready.

From the bar tender’s side, an iPad tells them who to serve next and whether to ask for ID. They can mark a person as completed once they have been served.

Additional features of bard are also being developed, including the ability for customers to re-order drinks while in the queue, reacting to hand signals if there are changes, as well as FaceTab, which will add people to a bar tab and only allow certain faces to order against the tab.

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